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Untangle Your Brain & Think On The Page

In the Starving Artist Podcast interview from last month, we discussed the exciting and bumpy road to where I am now — professionally, creatively and personally — and the value of developing a strategic approach to life and work. I mention how I use visual models and methods to help me remember, think on the page, cut through mental clutter, make decisions, self-sooth, regroup after stuff-ups and reaffirm my goals, priorities, principles and values.

A surprising number of listeners contacted me asking for more details on these techniques and approaches — so I’ve put together a workbook called Untangle Your Brain. When you subscribe to my newsletter you can download a free draft copy. It’s full of the visual models, tools and methods I use for sense making, clarity and strategic thinking.

The draft workbook covers:

  1. Dreaming and visioning

Download it here!

Given it’s a draft, I’d love your feedback, suggestions, and edits. If it’s useful for people I might turn it into a published book! Do you know anyone looking to publish something like this?

A key point to remember — as with all tools and processes — they are just methods. Not answers. You might love some and despise others (I hate bullet journals for example). I suggest you try out different tools, see what works, leave what doesn’t. I made this workbook to help you ask questions and provoke enquiry. The answers emerge as you do the work. As you take action in your life, you’ll inevitably learn, grow and change. And life will have its way with you. So revisit and add to the models and methods when you need to. None of this is static — let life dance with you, let yourself evolve.

Written by

I’m an award-winning comic artist, writer and graphic recorder. All words + images © Sarah Firth. Contact me www.sarahthefirth if you want to use them.

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